Manufacture and supply of bulk fasteners

About us

MetallProektStroy is a young and fastest growing company. Our main achievement is advanced production of airspace fasteners. We are one of the largest fasteners manufacturer on the south of Russia.

Sophisticated and scaled production plant and facility enables us to manufacture and supply a wide range of high-quality fasteners. Our products serve to meet and exceed customers specific requirements and thus ensure complete satisfaction.

Our exclusive offer is non standard fasteners. We are also able to carry out individual design products. Modern production solutions become universal now.

Our advantages are:

  • large scale production
  • advanced technologies
  • wide product range
  • production of non standard fasteners
  • convenient order processing, shipment and logistics
  • Solid team of highly qualified and experienced people.

Fasteners are our core elements.

Our Products

Along with standard fasteners such as bolts, nuts, washers, rivets, cotter pins, rods, studs, screws we supply high strength fasteners. This line covers bolts, nuts, washers, anchor bolts and serve in constantly operating systems and aggressive environment.

One our production priority is non standard and special purpose fasteners, which are used in a certain area of industry and under specific conditions. Our extensive production facility enables us to perform the most complex tasks. We guarantee quality for non standard items, which are not adjusted to GOSTs.

Among specialties manufactured by MetallProektStroy there are railway fasteners. They serve to fix rail joints and other railroad needs. This type of fasteners demand strict quality criteria. MetallProektStroy assures high quality standards.

Our broad range of fasteners is widely used in a road construction, furniture manufacturing, building and machinery.

Quality and materials

Our fasteners products are made of world class raw materials. We use a wide types of alloys such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, nickel and even “hard to find” materials.

We exercise stringent quality control measures for ensuring the accurate dimensions and mechanical properties of our products. All items comply with GOSTs. Quality is our prime concern. We gained our reputation of a reliable supplier by maintaining high quality standards.

Though it may seem that fasteners are just small and insignificant they make key part in various production applications and every day life. It is not a secret that quality of goods is provided by efficiency of materials of which they are manufactured.

We would be pleased to see you among our business partners.

We encourage you to call us whenever you need any assistance with choosing fasteners or placing an order. Our highly trained and experienced staff is always available to deal with your inquiries, from design advice to general fastening queries. Our fasteners will make your products stronger and ensure long-term functioning.

All our products are manufactured in Taganrog. Our ideally located facility enables our customers to avoid intermediates and long-term deliveries from abroad. We are internal source of quality goods.

Cost-effective logistic solutions facilitate bulk shipment to different regions of our country.

There is no horizon for perfection. MetallProektStroy continuously develop and improve our production, services, company policy and corporate ethics to gain and exceed customers' satisfaction.

We look forward to your inquiries

☎ +7 (8634) 692-029You would like to place an order? Our qualified and experienced personnel will help you to fill inquiries and answer all your questions about fasteners.

Don't hesitate to call us if you need assistance with placing an order or if you are looking for detailed information or consulting.
☎ +7 (8634) 692-029 (multichannel).

Place an order very easy now:
  • Call to our salespeople (taking an order)
  • Technitians (production capability)
  • Planning department (prices, documentary support)
  • Order performing, shipment (delivery)

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